Toner cartridges: types, costs, replacement, and more

Toner cartridges are one of the most efficient requirements of a laser printer or copier. The toner cartridge is made of small firm powdery materials that are made by combining plastic, carbon, and some more elements. The popularity of toner cartridges has grown along with time since they do not smudge like ink. It reduces or lowers the chance of any damage and prevents the wastage of paper.

Types of the toner cartridge

Although the technology has advanced rapidly, it did not cause much improvement in the toner cartridge. Most of the toner cartridges which are filled in bottles allow about 30,000 pages to be printed. Also, there are high chances that your toner wouldn’t work out properly. Therefore, for this reason, the toner printers are not usually preferred at office or workplaces. However, there is a significant variation in the toner cartridge. Some of the most important or essential kind of toner cartridges include:

  • Bottle-style toner cartridges

These look no less than any opaque water bottle. However, to fill the tank, these are inserted for the drum units. This toner cartridge allows getting a high amount of deal with nearly 30,000 prints at one time. They work like proper toner cartridges which makes the functioning easier for a lot of processes. However, in this case, special care would be needed for all the parts. This is most suitable for larger and faster models.

  • Traditional cartridges

These look like plastic cases and these are inserted into the printer. However, these should be handled very specifically as small mistakes can lead to damage. These usually come with a locking mechanism which helps you to make your documents secure. However, they are a little costly since it is made up of several complicated parts.

  • Solid Ink System

This is mostly used by the copiers and multifunction printers. It is non-toxic and is made of resin-based polymer. This helps to attain a look similar to that of a crayon. These solid ink blocks may vary in their shape and thickness so you need to check before purchasing. You can check websites such as as they will ease the process.


When you run out of your ink, you would surely look for ways to replace it. As a result, you can choose to purchase OEM or select inks on your own from any nearby store. It is better to use the genuine products while replacing since it can last longer.

Make sure you check around thoroughly before purchasing the toner ink. Whether you buy it online or offline a little detail about it can be helpful. Be aware about these aspects to put your money in the right place.