Tips To Monetize Free Application

Monetize Free Application

In recent years, it appears that it is much more profitable to offer a free application by finding alternative monetization solutions.

I suggest you to look at the different business models that can exist to monetize a mobile application. In this article, I will present several solutions (among the hundreds already existing) to monetize a free application.

How to monetize a free application?

There are many ways to monetize a free application. However, some forms of monetization are more effective depending on the category of the application.

In-app purchase

In-app purchase is the preferred means of monetization by game application publishers.

For this type of operation, mobile users can access free content (press articles, games, etc.). However, he is required to pay for additional premium content. This monetization system is called Freemium.

As part of a gaming application, it is often a bonus to facilitate the progress in the game. It is for example with this monetization model that King, the publisher of Candy Crush Saga has generated several hundred millions of euros in turnover.

Admob, Google’s solution

When it comes to monetization in the digital, Google must be present. And since the American giant is quite good at corporate strategy, Google bought the Admob solution in 2009, a solution specialized in mobile advertising.

This purchase – which was at the time $ 750 million – allows it to offer, as for its adsense system, a monetization solution accessible to all.

Via Admob, you will be able to display advertising banners that will allow you to make money with your mobile application … CPC! And yes, with Google, it has to be clicked 😉

Several monetization solutions for free mobile applications

Other solutions exist to monetize your free mobile application. Some are CPC like Google, others CPM.