Tips to Create and Host your WordPress Website with MilesWeb in 2019

Are you thinking to build a WordPress website? Do you want your WordPress website to stand out from others? We know you would want to!

Building a WordPress website can be challenging. Not because the platform is complex but because most of us are unaware of how to make the most out of its magnificent features.

Setting up a WordPress website is pretty easy. Anyone who knows the key principles of building a WordPress site can themselves set up a successful WordPress Website.

Here are some key tips on how to build a marvelous WordPress website:

  1. Choose an Impressive Theme

One of the important factors of hosting a WordPress website is choosing a theme. WordPress has its own bunch of free themes. You can choose your theme depending upon the type of category and content your website has. This helps the visitor of your website to know about your business easily. For example: If you have a photography website then focus more on pictures. Or if you have a website development agency then pictures are negligible, because content holds more importance for this type of a website. The intention is to make your website stand out aesthetically & visually. Additionally, make sure about the mobile responsiveness, platform/ browser compatibility and multilingual capability of the theme.

  1. Evaluate Your Website’s Traffic

Before starting to build your website, always analyze some basic aspects such as – the purpose of the website, how many visitors will the website have in the beginning? How many visitors can grow later on? This will give you an overview before deciding your web hosting needs. Without prior knowledge of your requirements, you may tend to overspend on your hosting plan. Initially, the visitors of your websites may not be much, but gradually they may get increased. In such cases, you can always go with the basic plan or consult the hosting provider before making a purchase. You will find some reliable providers caters cheap web hosting services to meet your hosting needs.

  1. Buy a WordPress Hosting Plan

Now that you have chosen your website’s platform as WordPress you need to look for a hosting provider that offers WordPress hosting plans. There are many WordPress hosting providers in the market that provide WordPress hosting. Choose the one that has the ability to not only host your website but also tomanage your WordPress platform completely- One such web host is MilesWeb. They offer cheap WordPress hosting with plentiful features. We will take a glimpse of its features and pricing later on.

  1. Set up Sidebar Widgets and Plugins

WordPress platform lets you simply customize your website’s layout with widgets. They have a specific but very important role towards your website. It adds structure to your theme to make it more organized. One can simply drag and drop to the exact widget area. Widgets such as a listing of recent posts, email subscribe, calendar, etc. can be added to your site.  Additionally, there are some plugins available that help boosts your website. Opt-in forms and social media are some examples of plugins. Make sure you do not add too many plugins which may not be relevant to your site.

Once you develop your WordPress website, its time to host it onto the server. For that matter, you will need a web host that provides WordPress hosting services. As mentioned earlier, below we will take a closer look at the features and pricing one such provider-MilesWeb.

MilesWeb WordPress Hosting Features

Auto updates

Your WordPress platform is automatically updated. MilesWeb’s skillful team will take care of our WordPress platform by downloading and installing the timely updates.

SSD storage

SSD drives are expeditious than traditional SATA drives. All your website data will be stored on their SSD drives to provide you with blazing fast loading speed for your web pages.

SSL security

An SSL certificate protects the information on your website by decrypting it. The sensitive information such as credit/ debit card numbers, net banking details, username and passwords are kept secure. With MilesWeb WordPress hosting plan, you get this SSL absolutely free for your website.

Pre-configured WordPress

No manual downloading and installing WordPress software for your server. The WordPress will be pre-installed on your server so you are ready to launch your website instantly.

Jetpack feature:

Jetpack is an all in one tool for your WordPress website which helps in peaceful designing, securing and marketing your site- all this bind together in one single plugin. MilesWeb gives you the features of this Jetpack plugin free of cost with your WordPress hosting plan.


MilesWeb has WordPress hosting plans for almost everyone. No matter if you are a blogger, startup or a growing business website, MilesWeb has got you all covered. They have a wide range of plans to meet the need of every website owner. Also, the plans are bifurcated according to the number of visitors on the website. All this helps you to choose your plan with ease.

WordPress Hosting with Jetpack Free version

WordPress Hosting with Jetpack Premium/ Professional version


Hope this article helped you to clear some important tips to build a WordPress website. Ensure that you consider these points to unlock the key principles of building a WordPress site. Additionally, with some amazing features provided by MilesWeb WordPress hosting plan, you can create a visually appealing website along with optimizing it for the modern day needs.