The Visual and Functional Features of Effective Websites

When numerous transactions are now conducted in a virtual world, all you need to have is a website. They do not just establish identity or serve as a marketing tool, they practically take over basic operations of a company, business or organization.

In the digital world, webpages serve more than just establish on-line presence but actually become the main public interface. In terms of operations, websites perform vital office functions that were traditionally performed by a number of in-house staff or personnel. In Singapore, digital marketing services, monitoring operational efficiency, record keeping, customer relations are basic office functions, including recently, e-commerce activitiesthat may now be performed on-line by a limited number of persons through a company’s website. More importantly, in today’s hyper-competitive commercial world, websites are critical elements of finding competitive edge.

Considering its importance in modern commerce, what are the criteria of a good website?

Websites and Aesthetics

Primarily, the most basic element to a website’s desirability is good aesthetics. But since websitesare no longer just simple advertising or information boards where people pluck information about products, services, company background and other related news, it is a transaction medium. Which means it must be highly interactive. Quality of content and visuals plus a website user-friendly and responsive performance are the cutting-edge parameters of any good social media marketing website in Singapore. In other words, a website’s design and infrastructure must therefore be both visually appealing and conveniently functional.

In terms of aesthetics and visual content, many Singapore commercial websites have opted for creative solutions. Considering that most internet users are millenials who prefer visuals over text content, there is now massive trend in using GIFs, videos and sophisticated animation in developing website content.  Web design companies in Singapore now use short video loops or ‘cinemagraphs’ that more vividly and better communicate brand stories and products easier, and quicker effectively without straining the user experience. The combination of cinemagraphs and video mixed in many responsive website designs in Sinagpore today have tremendously boosted and improved customer interaction and engagement. More importantly, most of these contents are also lightweight compared to large full bleed imagery files and therefore do not compromise speed.

Websites and Functionalist

In terms of responsiveness and functionality, many Singapore social media agency improves website quality and responsiveness by adding a viewport, applying simple styling, setting breakpoints, constraining the maximum width of the design, altering the padding, reducing reduce text size and by generally providing optimal viewing experience through easy reading and navigation with minimum amounts of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

Currently, website design have also aimed for versatile or flexible which means it is effective not just for traditional computer interface but even when accessed from mobile phones or tablets. Since most internet users today perform basic web browsing services via their mobile devices, website design companies make webpages functional and desirable across various devices aside from traditional computers or laptops. A number of Singapore website design companies now provide services to improve older websites and making them responsive for mobile phones by developing mobile applications and software.