The Job Of A SEO Specialist

Every organization own a website, and they want the services they render to appear at the top of search engine results when users search for relevant keywords relating to such service.

The job of an SEO specialist is to ensure a website appears at the top of search engines which can be done by analysing, reviewing and implementing changes to websites to increase traffic to the site and also improving the site’s page rank.

The expertise of an SEO specialist and event marketing companies is required to boost the traffic rate of a site and ensure organic growth. The average salary of an SEO specialist in Australia is AU$74,000 with an extra bonus of AU$1,500.

Requirements Of An SEO Specialist

As an entry-level looking forward to beginning a career as an SEO specialist, a degree in any related field to the web is required with a minimum of three years of experience, additionally fundamental knowledge of web programming languages like HTML and CSS, and also blogging.

As an SEO specialist, you have to possess some distinctive skills which include:

  • Programming: As mentioned earlier, an SEO specialist needs to have experience in working with web languages to make recommendations about the site’s performance.
  • An SEO specialist must be very good in speaking and writing to ensure a website content are related to relevant keywords to drive traffic and rank well on search engines.
  • Ability to work with a team and also as a lone wolf, you also have to think creatively, strategically and to also identify and resolve problems.
  • Ability to work with data properly which includes sourcing for data and analysing data from tools like Google Analytics.

The Role Of A Seo Specialist

Your responsibility as an SEO specialist is to:

  • Identifying and include necessary keywords to drive traffic to a website.
  • Ensuring organic growth outweighs growth from ads.
  • Analysing other top-ranking websites for SEO techniques and strategies that keeps them at the top of search engines.
  • Managing the social media account of an organization website which should also serve as a medium to drive traffic.
  • Preparing a report on how you plan to drive traffic, organizing and running a campaign to Improve result listing on a web search.

Getting The Job As A Seo Specialist

To land a job as an SEO specialist in an organization, you first need to acquire the skills required for the job. Learn and apply the fundamental principles of SEO, understand the principles of link building, get familiar with tools and resources used by SEO specialist.

Feel you have the requirements and knowledge needed to work as an SEO specialist, then apply for a job remotely or within your area, drop your CV and ensure you have a website where you post SEO tips or do stuff related to SEO listed in your CV.

The Interview Process

Recruiters pay attention to CV with keywords Blog, HTML, CSS and WordPress, if your CV meets the criteria of an organization, you should be invited for an interview and below are some questions most likely asked by your recruiter:

  • What features are optimised for search engines in your blog?
  • Factors that influence how a page ranks on a Google search page.
  • How you would drive traffic to your website?
  • What metrics to be measured as a search engine marketer?

These are a few questions you might face within an interview or likely a related question to themselves.


Seo specialist is demanded by new and existing companies, and jobs are also available remotely. However, as an SEO specialist, you should be able to work on a daily basis even during the break and make research to stay updated with new SEO techniques.

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