The Importance of Good Copywriting in Marketing

Copywriting in Marketing

One large part of content creation always includes content writing (or copywriting).

Copywriting is a job junction that has always been linked with marketing in general and advertising. With internet marketing and mobile marketing that have been booming in the recent years, copywriting has become an essential skill not only for professional copywriters, but also for people who work with job functions within online marketing.

In a new startup environment when you’re in need of a professional copywriter to do random copywriting work, the best option is you may outsource this job through Upwork or Textbroker to an individual person who has the adequate skill.

Upwork is a more generic freelancer platform, and Textbroker is a platform specialized in providing copywriters. Of course there are plenty more crowdsourcing platforms like these two where you can get quality content writers.

To break it down, copywriting involves the written language and the use of words to construct and present an idea or a message.

In the old days, sales people knock at your home’s front door, and they would deliver a verbal sales pitch that is so difficult to turn down. The ultimate goal is to get you to buy the product they’re offering to you.

Nowadays for marketers, copywriting is used to pass an idea to the end users. Good copy would usually be more where it may convey people i.e. the readers to take an action that the marketer has carefully planned for.

Do you see how similar sales pitch and copywriting are? In marketing sense, good copywriting must include an effective call to action.

One idea is that a brand focused ad copy is written for acquiring new customers. When this ad is able to remind people to “Google” for the brand name, this copy would be a good one.

Technologies do evolve quickly over the years, sometimes a lot faster than we could have handled. But people are people, our brains don’t evolve that fast. We sometimes may be stuck with our curiosity for long time.

Another idea is that people are curious. Curiosity is one aspect in human lives where it can trigger call to actions. When an ad copy would generate a person’s information gap i.e. her curiosity, she is pulled and she would want to explore that missing information.

A different way to look at content creation is content curation. With content curation, it is about picking up information, re-arranging this information, and presenting the information in your own way. Curation should belong to one of the quicker ways of content creation or even copywriting.