Secure electronic health records in 2019: 3 big steps that quell your fears

The advent of digitalization led to sweeping changes across the different industries. The industry of healthcare followed suit in order to boost operational efficiency. Thus the use of electronic health records (EHR) has become pretty common these days. There is still a substantial percentage who refuse to modernize their structure. One of the apprehensions on adopting the EHR method is the safety and security of the consumer’s data.

Securing EHR in different ways

It is important that the EHR data is kept safe from all forms of threats and cyber-attacks to ensure that the digitalization process is a complete success. There are a number of security techniques for electronic health records however the following are the most reliable ones.

You must install highly efficient and effective firewalls to keep the EHR data safe from all types of cyber threats. The filtering firewall for data packets basically scans the electronic feed for internal traffic thereby preventing the external feed from penetrating the network. In the same manner the firewall for status inspection not only filters the feed but also dynamically correlates the incoming feeds with the feeds that were previously filtered in order to verify the security. The firewall which is related to application-level gateway grants access to users to the external networking connections only after it has scanned each of the IP webpage for security. Last but not the least the NAT shields the IP address of intranet from the external users thus creating barrier between LAN and your intranet.

The cryptography also plays a vital role in ensuring that the data of the EHR is kept safe and protected from different types of cyber-attacks. The various encryption techniques implemented on data is significant in shielding it from potential threats.

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