Types of Managed IT Support Services New York to Drive Your Business’ Success

managed IT support services

For small and medium-sized business who cannot afford to have large IT departments, the solution will be to contract the right managed IT support services New York. They can’t afford to waste any more time thinking about it as today’s computerized world continues to make the IT sector increasingly important every day.

Managed IT support services New York can bring tremendous growth for small and medium businesses as they can now focus on core business issues. It also means an upgrade on the business security.

Now that you have decided to outsource, you must be careful in choosing the right managed IT support services New York. First, you need to figure out what your business really needs. Then you can determine which company specializes in your area of needs.

Here is a list of Managed IT Support Services that are offered today:

  • Network Administration: this is the basic – setting up and monitoring your business network. Although basic, it does eat up a lot of time and requires a lot of attention on the part of the IT staff. Employees might need frequent assistance with IT related problems and saddling this responsibility is never easy. So it’s best you outsource it.
  • Network Security: this even requires more attention as it deals with the protection of sensitive company data and information that must not fall in the wrong hands. This need to be outsourced to a provider that would always run checks on your network and install frequent security updates so that your network will never be compromised.
  • Cloud Computing: due to heavy reliance by most businesses today on online storage, this type of IT support service is rapidly gaining popularity. You can trust an external IT support provider to pay close attention to ensuring the smooth operation of your cloud storage and also keep it safe and secure from external invaders.
  • Mobile Devices: these portable devices are an integral part of the workplace and are used in conducting business as well, hence the need to keep communications on it protected. The Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is another service provided by managed service provider to ensure that there are no gaps in your business security.
  • Data Backup: employing the services of a Managed IT support service provider to back up your business data from time to time is important for your business. You never can tell when unforeseen occurrences can make you lose your company’s most important data.
  • Help Desk: this is one of the most frequently used types of Managed IT support. An upcoming business needs to let their customer know they are important. Thus they need always to have a speedy and efficient help desk so that anyone who calls in with a problem can be attended to promptly. Your small IT department might not be able to handle this efficiently. Thus, the need to source it out to an experienced managed service provider.
  • Unified Communication: this deals with linking up the devices in your company to allow flawless communication between every device. This ultimately creates room for more efficiency in the workplace. A Managed IT Support Service provider can help your business set this up and monitor it closely to ensure that it continues to work smoothly.