Is Your E-Commerce Site Responsive?

Recent studies have shown that the number of people using mobile phones for shopping has surpassed desktop users. Hand-held tech savvy mobiles are slowly replacing the use of desktop computers in various ways. It is high time you need to target customers using mobile for shopping as it is not a small opportunity to be missed. Mobile devices are being used every day to search for content, browse and shop. Regardless of what your goods and services are, having a mobile-friendly e-commerce store is imperative for the success of the business.

Visibility of E-commerce site

Since a lot of criteria are being given to the aspect of visibility during marketing strategies, make your e-commerce visible for search engines easily. Some search engines like Google are giving priority to responsive (mobile-friendly) websites for the ranking in search engines. Your e-store will likely to get low impact and rankings from the lack of responsive design. Most of the shoppers are impulse buyers and mobile shopping allows e-commerce stores to get more sales than buying in physical stores. People are less likely to part with cash but are ready to shop online on impulse. Also, the amount of time, customers are likely to spend online is high for mobile users than desktop users.

E-commerce consultants recommend having a responsive web design to maximize customer engagement. The chances of shopping cart abandonment are also less in mobile shopping as opposed to other types. Shopify customer support is extended to customers when designing responsive websites. Responsive websites are designed in a way to give optimal viewing experience to customers of all screen sizes. Have your responsive site designed in a way where it is easy to navigate and load time is less. Customers lose interest in your e-commerce site the minute they have to wait for the site to load.

Redesign your site

After a thorough analysis, consultants came up with solid evidence that responsive site is directly proportional to higher sales. Shopify customer support allows the business owners to rely on them 24/7 when they are hit with sales challenges and technical difficulty. They have the expertise to change the look and feel of an e-commerce site to make it more appealing and customer friendly. Responsive design is a must in the present year as customers get a vibe about what kind of business you are operating. Tech-savvy websites ooze of competence and give a vibe of popularity.

The big retail giants eventually ventured into mobile e-commerce stores as the rise in sales is insanely high to ignore. Regardless of the screen size, the responsive website offers a standard shopping experience to the customers and this is the prime reason for the sudden increase in traffic and sales. Developing responsive websites is partially linked to the rise in social media marketing. Every product or service tagged in a social media post becomes a hit and sends customers looking for the related website. This action prompted many small businesses to develop responsive websites as well.