How to catch the media’s eye

In this globalized world, it is important for brands to catch the media’s attention to thrive in the market. The competition is getting fiercer day by day and more companies are appearing on the horizon. With a plethora of rivals for attention in the market, it is quite hard for brands to grab the attention of media. Many new businesses do not work well just because their PR fails to make it big in the media. You do not need to worry anymore as there are some ways for you to catch the media’s eye.

The element of creativity:

The brand that has the element of creativity makes it big in the media, it is a well-proven fact. To attain that element of creativity, the brands can hire young and enthusiastic content creators. The advertising cell should have people whose minds are brimming with new and unique ideas all the time.  A unique and out of the ordinary brand logo can do its magic too. With similar logos, the brands are now boring to people. But whenever something out of the regular comes out it automatically attracts media to it. Says

Allocate a budget to advertising very wisely:

The wise allocation of a budget to the advertisement of products is necessary as it is going to attract media primarily. Sometimes the companies spend way too much on production and too less on an advertisement that they fail to get any recognition in media. This failure inflicts huge loss on the media success of such companies and they end up losing any profits. So, the companies need to have strict policies when it comes to spending on different things like production and advertising.

Be thorough when and resourceful:

To catch the eye of the media the companies have to be resourceful. The quality of products and mission statement are important, but the right links to establish media connections are more vital. This is why, owners, higher administration,and PR should always be working to make and establish new links in media. Using these connections on time and pulling such strings can go a long way later on. The companies should do proper research on which media people will help them better in this regard. After all, this is significant to beat other rivals to catch the eye of the media. Says

Running contests and giveaways:

Launching competitions and contests is a sure way of grabbing the attention of media as people will have interest in it. When people go for a contest, they will want to know all about it.  This will force media to keep people up-to-date with information and they will have to pay you attention. This way you will not even have to spend much and your advertising cost will go down too. A giveaway is an even better way to have media people surrounding the news of your brand.

Join another brand in this quest:

When two brands do something jointly, it surely attracts most platforms on media. This is because both of these brands bring together their media resources too. This way they can access a larger proportion of media which is a win-win situation for both brands. People will take more interest in the company and the products they are delivering. The collaboration will enable both of the brands to increase the number of their media links.

Live media statements:

The brand owners or spokespeople can have live media coverage every now and then. They can also be a part of talk shows which will keep the brand in the media eye for a longer time.