Few Important VoIP Features you may not be Aware of

VoIP Features

When you come across any VoIP provider website, they would promise the wide number of calling features. Most would promise 40, 50 and some would offer 80 as well. For a majority of the part, most features would be similar. Chances are higher that you would not use them throughout the working lifestyle. A majority of people, such as call transfer, Caller ID and call hold would be expected and would not merit a boast. Others, similar to auto attendant have been an expected aspect of business calls. You must be familiar with it.

When you come to features of business VoIP Phone system, you may not notice them in the large list or may not be aware of what they actually mean. Some of these aspects on Dlink dph120se would be rare or unique to a few companies.

Being aware of the VoIP features

In case, you have never used hosted PBX before, you may not be aware of some of the best features offered by VoIP, as most would be easily overlooked. You could be busy focusing on other features of running your business for learning about the available features. At times, similar aspects would be going by different names based on the provider. Therefore, you may not have realized that you already had a feature that looked appealing when you actually choose the provider.

Find below a few important features that would help you make the most of the VoIP service already entailed in Dlink dph120se.

  1. The busy Lamp Field Feature

At the initial appearance, the busy lamp field may not sound provocative. It is only a light appearing on other people’s phones when you have been attending a call. The highly advanced versions would tell the other person about whom you are busy on the call and whom you are texting and more. It would save you time.

  1. Custom hold Music

The idea behind the feature would be the company using music on hold. In case, you have a captive audience and you look forward to using the time to tell your customers about your company, you would be searching for an annoying way to do it. A good option on Dlink dph120se has been the customized music on hold feature.

  1. Virtual Extensions

The virtual extension would be used as a voicemail box. It would not be associated with any person.

You would come across two ways to use a voicemail box:

  • Important messages going in
  • Important messages going out

You could set up a mailbox to answer important questions that you come across repeatedly.