Cracking The Amazon Brand Registry Secret For Sellers

Amazon Brand Registry Unrevealed Truth

It is a well-known fact that Amazon has helped thousands of businesses increase their sales and reach out to a wider audience. However, there are several instances wherein many such businesses run into problems that prevent them from reaching their full potential.

Instead of focusing on important matters concerning their sales or expansions, companies end up trying to tackle these issues. Luckily, there is a way out of it and it is known as Amazon Brand Registry.

Amazon Brand Registry, as the name suggests, is a powerful platform designed by Amazon that is meant to help sellers protect their brand and prevent any violations and infringements of their products. This, in turn, gives the sellers complete control over their brands.

To understand this better, consider the following example:

Chris recently designed a watch with unique features and obtained an active registered trademark for the same. He decides to sell the watch under his own brand on Amazon but soon notices that there are other sellers on the marketplace who are providing inaccurate information about his watches.

Not only this, but he also noticed potential infringements with many resellers! Luckily, Chris can always register for Amazon Brand Registry and use their powerful tools to find such cases, submit a complaint, and let Amazon review them.

Of course, there is a lot more to this and with that in mind, we recommend that you go through this complete guide for Amazon Brand Registry, especially if you have an active registered trademark for your brand. It is the best thing you can do to protect your brand and its intellectual property.It also ensures that accurate information is being displayed about your products, throughout the marketplace.

Now, before you consider joining this, you will have to check and see if the trademark/term that you are looking to get branded is available or not. It is quite synonymous to finding a domain name – you need to search and see which name is available and which isn’t.

Free Tool For Brand Registry

 So, in this case, what can be done is to run a trademark search for your preferred term and see whether it has been taken or not. Fortunately, there is a free tool for Amazon trademark search that can easily tell

you all the active and inactive trademarks associated with that brand. All you have to do is enter the search term and hit enter.

Amazon EBC

As you may have guessed by now, Amazon is willing to go to great lengths to protect the brand identity of their sellers and help them thrive on their marketplace. In fact, the e-commerce giant has gone a step further to help its Brand Registered Sellers boost their sales by giving them the chance to enhance their content and improve their value proposition.

This is done through a premium program known as Amazon Enhanced Brand Content – this basically allows sellers to enhance the product descriptions of their branded products with the help of high-quality text and images. To help you understand this better, here is a complete guide for Amazon Enhanced Brand Content.

While these features are definitely great, it is important to remember that it is available only to those sellers who have an active registered trademark.